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Technical support :


→Prior to project establishment,  organize technical personnel to hold exchanges with customers, clarify production process route and technical requirements and finalize the practicable technical proposal.


→In course of design, communicate with customers at all times, examine the project design and technical design so as to ensure the achievement of the technical targets for the customers.


→After delivery, track the service condition of the equipment for the customers, provide site technical training, and lifetime technical support, free the customers of all the worries behind .


Quality assurance


→Perfect management system will assure the nicer quality control and invite the customers to conduct preliminary acceptance check of the equipment before shipment.


→Provide “three guarantees” to the products sold within the quality  guarantee period and offer lifetime maintenance service and technical support .


After service


→Quick response .Reply and forward technical proposal for solution to the problems on the first time when receiving the complaint from customers.


→For materially severe quality problem of the equipment, hurry  to the equipment site timely for trouble removal and assure the normal production for the customer.


→Pay regular visits to the customer for getting to know the service condition of the equipment and form technical rectifying proposal for any problem occurred and assist the customer to implement the correction .











About Us


About us