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Φ60~Φ180Adjustable center distance seven roller straightening unit

Φ60~Φ180 adjustable center-distance seven-roll straightening unit is a key new product in Guangdong Province. It has been identified by experts from Guangdong Science and Technology Department as its technology has reached the international advanced level. This product has one invention patent and one utility model patent. .
Adjustable center distance seven-roll straightening unit can choose different straightening arrangement according to the material, specification, and variety of products to be processed. For example, choose the straightening roller staggered arrangement when straightening the pipe, while straightening the bar The arrangement of the rollers can be selected, which not only ensures the straightening accuracy of straightened pipes and bars, but also provides multiple uses for one machine, which greatly expands the scope of use of a straightening machine.
1, product features:
The straightening machine integrates the advantages of the existing straightening machine and is an international initiative. It fills a multi-purpose machine in the straightening industry, especially for the blanking of specifications and miscellaneous products, and adopts the following new technologies:
The optimized composite roll system, the contact and the curve of the transition section are organically combined to determine a reasonable roll shape, solve the head-tail curve, and improve the straightening accuracy.
The principle of compaction of the roller can be controlled by the load, and the flexible mechanism is a flexible mechanism, so that the straightening force can be controlled to meet the need of straightening process and equipment safety.
The main drive adopts DC motor steplessly adjustable, with speed and current balance system, which is suitable for straightening process needs.
The hydraulic system adopts a constant pressure variable displacement pump as the power source, the accumulator quickly replenish the oil, and the overload unloading adopts a direct-acting relief valve, which plays a role in retaining the pressure and buffering.
2, performance comparison
At present, the straightening rollers of the metal round straightening machine at home and abroad are basically arranged symmetrically or staggeredly, and each straightening machine adopts only one arrangement. The center distance between the roller and the roller is not adjustable. Such a structure makes each straightening device have certain restrictions on the straightening of the round material, and cannot achieve a good straightening effect on the bar and the pipe at the same time.
Φ60 ~ Φ180 adjustable center distance seven roller straightening machine technology Based on the combination of the existing advanced technology, the first center distance can be adjusted to realize the straightening of pipes and bars of different specifications on the same straightening machine. The straightening process is flexible, the means are varied, and a machine is used for multiple purposes, which is suitable for production in a non-ferrous industry. Straightened tubes and bars have the advantages of high straightness and small deformation. Especially in large thin-walled tubes and other products, the advantages are outstanding.